Fred Casia
Fred Casia is a graphic designer, animator, director, illustrator and visual artist from Montréal. He was a founding member of The Parnell Fine Art Collective, an active member of the YPF (Young People's Foundation), as well as participating member of En Masse, through which he has exhibited artwork for several years, including outdoor art installations for the Osheaga music and arts festival, and several exhibitions for the Musée des beaux arts de Montréal. In 2017 he along with 5 other filmmakers formed Astroplastique, which is free-form collective seeking to create a fertile ground for collaborative, animation-based work. He has worked on documentary and animated productions with the NFB including the Oscar nominated animated short Wild Life directed by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, If I Was God directed by Cordell Barker, The Fruit Hunters directed by Yung Chang, Becoming Labrador directed by Tamara Segura, Rohan Fernando and Justin Simms as well as his own stereoscopic 3D animated short Marvin Parson’s Inner Wild Wilderness which was part of the 6th edition of Hothouse.
He is currently developing several VR interactive projects, one of which is being developed at the NFB. This project is currently called Biocube, which can be described as a type of meditative vivarium, a fictionalized interpretation of closed ecosystems in which the user can observe and manipulate a fictional cosmic environment. Inspired by the idea of biospheres, terrariums and aquariums, and exploring ideas of extinction and preservation, Biocube plays with our innate desire to create, control and destroy. An early prototype was presented at Mutek_Img VR Salon in 2015 on a conference panel entitled The Creative Track.
Other VR projects include Manic VR which coincides with a documentary entitled Manic. He Worked alongside the director of the documentary Kalina Bertin, and MIT fellow and head of the Eyesteelfilm Creative Reality Lab Sandra Rodriguez, together they served as the creative direction team and collaborated with the creative digital studio DPT. MANIC VR is an interactive experience that can be described as a journey into the exuberant, beautiful and chaotic world of a bipolar imagination. It launched at the Sheffield Doc Festival and had it’s North American premiere at the Phi Centre.
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