Sole Man
Animation Created for ESPN's 30 for 30
A film that explores the icon and controversial Basketball recruiter Sonny Vaccaro. The man who made his mark by bringing the concept of the Air Jordan to life. Sonny Vaccaro turned high school games into auditions and created a new era of sports celebrity. Some say he's a Sports Activist, others say he's an exploiter of players. But he's the embodiment of sports. He plays to win, pushes boundaries, and chases the extraordinary.
Production Company: Electric City Entertainment
Directors: Dan Marks and Jon Weinbach
Animation Directors: Darren Pasemko and James Braithwaite
Animation Producer: Darren Pasemko
Animation Production Company: The Sweet Dood, and The Bathwater
Animators: Fred Casia

Watch a montage of the animation below.
Montage Music: M.C.Cullah, "Italian Singing Hip Hop"